First Round Bust Turns 1!

So as far as I can tell, First Round Bust turns one today as our original post came on October 29, 2010:

Welcome to First Round Bust, a blog about the Minnesota Wild and hockey in general. The name itself comes from the franchise's poor ability to draft and an honest take of ourselves. There's much more to come and plenty of fun all around so hopefully this takes off.

I'd like to think this blog has accomplished a lot in a year. The goal of First Round Bust has always been to create more discussion on all aspects of the Wild and give a voice on the blogosphere for those who don't have one. Whether it is prospects, the big club, trying (and probably failing) to be funny, draft coverage, Dan going out to Traverse City or anything else which comes out of our slightly warped minds, I'd like to think we've done that. First Round Bust has linked by small blogs, big blogs like Puck Daddy and even a large Finnish newspaper. However, none of that matters besides putting out content people enjoy.

So I'd like to thank Dan, Tommy (he's the man behind all the technical issues and design), Jarick, Tim, anyone who has participated in a roundtable, guest post or mock draft, most of HF Boards, Bryan Reynolds at Hockey Wilderness for helping us out early on, Kirk Luedeke (now at Red Line Report) for many draft-related questions and most importantly you the readers.

We have a few new tricks which will be unveiled soon but for the most part here's hoping for a fun and healthy (both us and the Wild) Year 2!

Oh and also thank you Michael Russo for not minding a good percentage of our early posts came from replying to your work. Or not knowing - either way thanks!


  1. Happy birthday, FRB. Here's to many, many more.

  2. Congrats, guys. You've made my "must check every day" list.

  3. Congrats like geo said. check everyday. goood stuff always