Yes Virginia, There Is A Hockey Game

Lets say it together:


After a long and grueling off-season, it's good to watch some hockey again; even if that hockey was against Edmonton and on a mediocre computer stream. While normally First Round Bust is anti-game recap for the Wild (honestly, if you read this blog you probably also read the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press and a half-dozen other blogs which recap the game), this is a special occasion and needs to be celebrated. There will be more analysis later but for now here are the Wild highlights in a sloppy game which Minnesota won 4-3. That's one more exhibition victory than last season.

All videos are by Felix Lévesque.

Jarod Palmer scoring in the first period on the powerplay and giving Minnesota a 2-0 lead.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard making it 3-0 off of a great play by linemates Matt Cullen and Gui Latendresse. Once again, that line played well.

Jared "Gerald" Spurgeon being more clutch than LeBron, scoring his second goal of the night, and putting the Wild ahead (yes they blew a 3-0 lead) with less than two minutes remaining.

Of course there are plenty of low-lights and Minnesota reminded fans just how bad they could play in a second period in which they were outshot 17 - 5, but regardless of the final score, hockey's back!

*in preseason form. These games will be forgotten come October 8th.


  1. Btw, Edmonton Homers --your "highlights" after the first period took homerism to new lows. As did your "3 stars".

    Also, can you say "Brent Burns was drafted *after* PMB?" Apparently not. . .

  2. That part (where the Edmonton announcers stated Bouchard was easily the best Wild first round pick for a few years forgetting that Burns was drafted between him and the series of first round busts) annoyed me as well. It wasn't as bad as "T-shirt time" or some of the other errors but regardless the radio guys need to be a better prep job.

    Then again, it's nice to have at least one team not think Brent Burns is all of a sudden an elite defenseman.

  3. I though Gerald Palmer looked pretty solid too. People can bag on our announcers all they want but spend a few games with some of the crews from other markets and you'll realize ours are mid-range at worst (of team-payed announcers, not national broadcasters)

  4. At the same time, Minnesota's announcers share many of the frustrations for other team's fans which we had for the Edmonton broadcast. Replace "Bloomington native Tom Gilbert" with "Edmonton native Matt Kassian" and you have the Oilers crew.

  5. Nate, did you see the "highlights" after the first period in the edmonton internet feed? 3-0, Wild, and none of the Wild goals were shown.

    *They showed Hordy running Prosser, but not the fight that immediately followed where Kassian dropped Hordy*.

    It was really quite far out there on the Homer scale.

  6. I missed the "highlights" but that's not surprising. It's a broadcast for Oilers fans. Hopefully the Edmonton announcers discussed how badly the Oilers were playing after one period.

  7. Dude, when you don't show goals and fights in a highlights run of an NHL game. . . I can't think of any occurrence of that in a Wild broadcast, however much the boys are stinkin' it up.

    Is that selective memory on my part?

  8. Usually Minnesota shows the goals for both teams but from a neutral perspective the FSN broadcasts are heavily focused on the Wild and overlook the other team.