Embedded In TC: Minnesota vs. Dallas

Kris Foucault-Tyler Graovac-Dylan Willick
David McIntyre-Nathan Burns-Justin Fontaine
Alex Belzile-Joey Martin-Tyler Maxwell
Carter Sandlak-Taylor Peters-Mike Kramer

Chay Genoway-Kyle Medvec
Sam Lofquist-Colton Jobke
Dylan Busenius-Kris Fredheim

Darcy Kuemper

(lines shuffled after the first period)

- Scratches: Josh Caron (gotta be an injury or something,) Tyler Cuma, Brett Bulmer, and Zack Phillips. Definitely a lunch pail version of the squad, but understandable so the scouts and Brass can see what they have with the tryout guys.
- I tweeted this, but here was the First Period in a nutshell, by way of a scout in front of me; "I could count the number of good plays in this game on one or two fingers." I thought it was the Bob Evans that gave me gut rot during the 1st Intermission, but it was the play. Not very pretty.
- After giving up a 4 ON 1 early in the Second Period (what is more egregious is that Dallas didn't even get a shot on goal with it) Minnesota took over. They out worked the Stars up and down, and the first two goals came from with 6-7' of the net. Dylan Willick had a beauty of a goal late in the 2nd, which caused some visible frustration from some Dallas players, especially Jack Campbell.
- Remember in one of the Practice videos it showed Brad Bombardir working with Colton Jobke on his gap control? Jobke got beat twice along the edge today.
- It was Foucault's best game by far, even if he didn't see the score sheet. Consistent effort on every shift.
- Mike Kramer just works and works and works. Created a scoring chance for himself just from hustling and winning battles down behind the Dallas net.
- Kyle Medvec got into a "fight" with a handful of seconds left. It was technically a fight because the gloves come off, but it was a wrestling match down to the ice.
- Speaking of Medvec, he blew up a Dallas player who just crossed the Minnesota blueline with his head down. Big time hit, and that's how he needs to play. As Justin Falk learned, ain't no finesse 6'6" defensemen.
- Chay Genoway, I believe, tries to do too much with the puck. He played better than last night, but still tries to channel Bobby Orr at times.
- Tyler Graovac struggles with making plays at high speeds, like off the rush; but, he made some nice feeds from below the circles.
- Justin Fontaine actually showed me something today; he made some nice plays. Before today he was largely anonymous. I think he's got to add a grittier element to his game to be more effective as a player. Dylan Willick has shown me more than Fontaine did.
- I'm not an expert, or even a novice, when it comes to diagnosing a Goalie. Kuemper is just huge and fills the net, but there were a couple times where from my vantage point (in the same sightline as a point shot) it looked like he leaves room high and over his shoulder. That being said, he played great, and deserved a shutout; the lone Stars goal just kind of leaked through him.

Woo...5th place. But as it was pointed out earlier in the tournament, 5 of Minnesota's top prospects didn't participate. I better book my ticket for next year.
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And whatever the conversation may bring up.

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  1. Saw those Scarlett Johannson pics. Pretty sweet.

    Really, Genoway: Stop being a puck hog! You aren't the best option all the time.