Embedded in TC: Minnesota vs. Columbus

The lines were pretty much the same, except Dylan Willick and Joey Martin were in place of Tyler Maxwell and Alex Belzile. There was some shuffling, but I'll get to that.

- Things started off with a bang; Minnesota hit any and everything in a Columbus jersey to start it off, but that same physicality dissipated once Columbus slipped one under Matt Hackett (who deserved a better fate than he got tonight) a couple minutes in. Then the same sort of sloppy ineptitude that was apparent in Sunday's game showed up.
- Torchetti and his Staff changed up the defensive pairings to start the 2nd Period: Cuma-Fredheim, Medvec-Genoway, and Jobke-Lofquist, and this became a different team. In a weird sort of way, those new pairings made more sense than the old ones, and the team responded by controlling play in the 2nd.
- Genoway struggled. The game just seemed a little too fast for him.
- Phillips was better at cutting down on the cute stuff, but man, he's got some pretty ridiculous hands. He was able to dangle around a few defenders to create chances, but would get too cute doing the same thing high in the offensive zone, coughing up the puck. I can't really find much fault with his skating, but I think he needs more strength; he can be bumped off of pucks.
- I tweeted this, but Mike Kramer and Taylor Peters seeing time as the extra man when they pulled Hackett late tells you all you need to know about what sort of effort they gave tonight. Tireless workers, played within themselves filling a role.
- Brett Bulmer, it dawned on me- I think he could be what Brent Burns was as a forward. Burns was so athletically gifted, but just lacked that certain element that would have made him a prolific scoring power forward. I think Bulmer is the same thing- he's got size, he can skate, he goes into dirty areas, he creates space for his teammates, he plays with sandpaper...but his effectiveness won't be judged by the score sheet, but I think his production will be based on who he plays with.
- Don't know who Joey Martin is (the only one I can think of played for The Gophers years ago) but he was buzzing out there. Came out of nowhere to score a nice rebound goal.
- Yes, kids. Doug Risebrough was in the house for the Third Period.
- Did I mention that Guy Lapointe came over to say hi and shoot the breeze with me before the game? Pretty damn cool stuff.
- Kris Foucault wasn't on the scoresheet, but was more consistent effort-wise than Sunday. This is what I wanted to see out of him.
- Ms. Conduct pointed this out to me, and she was right; it can be an adventure when Hackett leaves his crease to play the puck. Man, Martin Brodeur he is not. Scary at times.
- Just noticed this tonight, and I can't confirm it sitting in my condo, but I believe the refs are all from the ECHL. They had patches on their sweaters.
- Pro Tip: Scouts drink coffee. ALOT of coffee. Seemingly at all times of the day.
- The more I see of him, the more I like Tyler Graovac. Big lanky thing, mobile, protects the puck well down low.
- Josh Caron must be injured or something. He didn't play Sunday, skated today at practice, and didn't play tonight.

Big time game tomorrow for...7th place.

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  1. Offer to send in scouting reports on MN HS puck for La Pointe next time, already! You're on his radar now. . .