Hang On A Freaking Second

The highly esteemed Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy had a piece/post/blurb yesterday about San Jose's position amongst the elite of the Western Conference. Its an understandable stance- San Jose, for all of their misfortunes come playoff time, is an exceptionally well run organization from top to bottom- especially considering what they've sent Minnesota's way this summer in a series of trades (which some dimwit has declared The Sharks the winners.) Both pieces essentially paint Minnesota as suckers- taking the perpetually ineffective playoff performer Dany Heatley and maddeningly inconsistent Devin Setoguchi off San Jose's hands in exchange for super-primo defense stud Brent Burns and ultra-breakaway-speed-goalscoring wizard Martin Havlat.

Uh....let's hold on a second here.

Its not the notion that Chuck Fletcher got suckered that gets under my skin- its that Burns and Havlat, by names alone, are the coup de grace for Doug Wilson. That with the addition of a defenseman and a playmaking winger, those two will compensate for Heatley and Setoguchi's departures. It goes beyond that though- just because players are added on paper it doesn't mean they necessarily fit in so cohesively, or will be effective.
Does San Jose have the right mix of linemates for Martin Havlat to truly be effective- and it may not necessarily be Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. Which Brent Burns will show up- Pre or Post All-Star Break?

But are folks really convinced that a winger with a career high of 30 goals and a career high of 77 points (both of which came on teams where he was in a secondary role because of the offensive depth) and a defenseman who can score roughly 20 goals a season are the answer instead of two proven goal scorers in Heatley and Setoguchi?

I understand the logic I'm arguing goes both ways, but its the type of players we're talking about- a playmaker and a D for two goal scorers.


  1. Fuckin A. I'd go a little further and say that if the sharks fail to get to the cup and we end up just outside the playoffs it's still an even trade...the only way this goes sort of lopsided is if the Sharks get the cup and we stay at the same level or get worse (god forbid) OR we make it into the playoffs and the sharks regress in the standings. If the Sharks make it to the finals it doesn't necessarily mean the Wild lose the trade--we just have to do better than last year, which really doesn't seem very hard all things considered.

    Even trade.

  2. they also didnt mention coyle or there first round pick at all...sooooo clearly they didnt do there research

  3. They also forget to mention there is such a thing as a win-win trade. The Wild got exactly what they needed and Setoguchi should do well getting feeds from Koivu and/or Butch in an increased role. He also did really well in the playoffs. As for Heatley, he's historically been a much better player than Havlat and he's been one of the best goal-scorers of the last few years. He will, at the very least, replace the goals Gaby used to bring. The guy gets one sub-par year and suddenly, he's just scrap metal. Bull. He'll bounce back, he's too good not to. People also forget to talk about Heatley's size, which will be very nice after having short wingers on the top line for God knows how long. The point is, maybe the Sharks won the trade, but that doesn't mean the Wild didn't win too. Win-win. Both teams answered needs. On-ice performance is going to be part 2 of the debate, but part 1 is win-win, period.

  4. We're talking about the Minnesota Wild here. According to media outside of MN, we make terrible trades, have shitty players, horrible systems, don't know how to develop players, etc etc etc.

    I'm completely unsurprised that people would think the Wild made a stupid decision and/or got hoodwinked. It's just how the team (like all MN sports teams) has been and will always be regarded.

  5. SJ got what they needed, a set up guy who's going to play on the 2nd line and provide what they need secondary scoring, a dominant dman in Burns.

    Wild got what they needed, someone who can shoot the puck and does shoot the puck, also they got two prospects in Phillips and Coyle.

    at the moment SJ has the better deal, however there is a good chance Wild get the better end of the deal if Coyle and Phillips boom.

    also lets not forget this deal isn't done until SJ picks with our pick, if they get a guy who end up booming like mad everything changes

  6. Heatley disappearing in the playoffs is a much bigger problem for the Sharks than the Wild. . . who haven't made the playoffs in three years. If we're complaining next May about Heater disappearing in the playoffs again, well, I'll live with that!

    And Shep "solid bottom 6 forward"!? Maybe someday, tho clearly not a slam-dunk deal. This season? No frickin' way. By the time he's on the ice again with real players it will have been something like 1.5 years since he played hockey. And his confidence has GOT to be shot right now. They'll be very lucky if he is in a position to make a contribution to the big club (rather than AHL) by the start of the 2012-2013 season.

    And, of course, no credit given for Coyle and Phillips. Coyle, with the year he had at Boston, where do you suppose he'd have gone in this year's draft (yes, I know, he wouldn't be, but you know what I mean)? Top 15, most likely, top 20, definitely.

    Otoh, I expect Burns to be more consistent defensively with San Jose, because he'll feel less pressure to take chances on offense, and he's always responded well to quality mentoring, and I think Boyle will provide that.

  7. I'm firmly in the camp that believes that Coyle could be the best player in the Burns trade. I don't see any way the Wild could be considered to "lose" in this trade. They traded on year of Burns and some chance to re-sign him while they're not ready to compete for a shoot first guy (we had none), one of the best forward prospects in the league, and a first round pick.

    Could San Jose win more than the Wild? Sure, if Burns and Havlat turn into "the missing pieces" and they win the cup, and the Wild bust on all three players, the Sharks win more than the Wild did. However, even if all three bust, San Jose wins the cup, and our pick turns into a stud, the faith, energy, and excitement the trade gave this "boring" team still makes the trade worthwhile.