Minnesota Fan Teleconference With Mike Yeo, Marco Scandella and Jared Spurgeon Recap

As part of development camp, the Wild held a conference call for over 4000 fans with Head Coach Mike Yeo and defensemen Marco Scandella and Jared Spurgeon. Some high points courtesy of HF Boards member Vashanesh:

UPDATE: Listen to the teleconference here

-Yeo was impressed with Mikael Granlund when he skated with Granlund briefly one-on-one

-Yeo wants to be tough to play against, using the team's speed, physicality, playing in the opponent zone while employing North-South hockey.

-Both Yeo and Scandella are "very excited for the moves that have been made" - especially with adding Heatley.

-Yeo doesn't want anyone to try to replace departed defenseman Brent Burns by playing like Burns did. He wants the kids on the back end to handle pressure, he's confident that the kids he's worked with can handle it. He feels that both Scandy and Spurgy can move the puck in their own way. Lundin and Zid can do the same.

-Scandella confirmed that he had a concussion earlier in the year but said that he has had 1-1 1/2 month recovery and is 100% now.

-Spurgeon hurt his ankle and has been rehabbing it (which makes sense after playing 99 games between Houston and St. Paul). He believes he will be ready regardless.

- In response to the Wild struggling with breakouts last season, the guys talked about it being a huge area of focus for the team and also how they need to take more shots from all over the ice.

-A few questions involving the "Becoming Wild" series as all three were featured in the first episode. Neither Sprurgeon or Scandella think that enforcer Matt Kassian can take on Manny Pacquiao for three rounds but feel that he was "very convincing." Yeo was "not particularly proud" of how much he was cussing up a storm in the first episode; however it's a good representation of how things can get, but it's not him from game-to-game. He responded to the situation, and felt he needed to remind the team who they were.

-Yeo wants to try newly acquired forward Darroll Powe with Kyle Brodziak and Cal Clutterbuck.

-Everyone expects the Wild to have a rivalry with the Jets regardless of realignment.

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