FRB: The David Hasselhoff of The Wild Blogosphere

Before I get to today's recap, Nate pointed this out to me at the rink today. There was a spike in website traffic, especially from Finland.


After doing some digging, Nate found that the Team Green Saturday recap was quoted in, what I'm told, a Finnish Tabloid paper. Which is, what I'm told, the third largest newspaper in Finland.

Friend of FRB Jeremy was able to translate (most of it anyways) the article:

I am pleased to report that this didn't cause an international incident (I typically expect the worse, especially if I was quoted) and there wasn't a blue and white "Suomi" spraypainted across my garage door.



  1. First off all, a great blog!

    Long story short. Im from Finland and we have this hockey discussion site called At saturday night I saw that Minnesota Wild had their prospect camp going on so I started to look for some info on how Granlud was doing in there. I checked the Wild-thread and there was a link to this site.

    I read your report and since I thought it was very good, I quoted a part of it in, the discussion site. Seems to me that someone in had read my post from since they wrote pretty much exactly the same things that I had quoted there.

    This might sound weird and amusing but this is not the first time something like this has happened. The hockey-journalists in finnish tabloid papers aren't usually that great and they usually read and try to look something to write for. We have seen pretty nasty copy&paste things going on here from a discussion site to a tabloid papers netsite. Usually it should be go vice versa.

    But your report truly was quoted in a finnish tabloid papers netsite so good job! You got really good blog going on here. Keep em coming!

  2. Thanks Bob! We sort of figured it was something to do with HFBoards, but I think it's interesting that it isn't the first time a Finnish paper has done that.

    Glad you enjoy the blog - we'll keep them coming and you keep us updated on Granlund and others in Finland!

  3. We appreciate the readership a ton Bob, thank you sir-