On the eve of Independence Day, and on the weekend of Canada Day as well, and there are the muffled explosions outside; but one giant fucking roman candle just went off, illuminating the night sky above the Hockey World.

From TSN's Bob McKenzie, who is currently sipping margaritas at his cabin somewhere in Canada- Mike Russo confirmed it shortly after- Minnesota dealt Martin Havlat to San Jose for Dany Heatley.

Chuck Fletcher and Doug Wilson must be BFF's- this is the second blockbuster trade they've pulled off in two weeks, the first was the Draft Day trade, with Devin Setoguchi and Brent Burns as the principle pieces.
Havlat has 4 years left and 21 million left on his deal, and Heatley has 3 years and 19 mil; however Heatley is due 8 million this year, then 6 and 5. Havlat will make 5 mil for the next three years, and 6 in the final year of the deal.


What do we make of this trade?

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  1. Going to have to touch on this tomorrow but...

    The Good: Get a PPG scorer on a team which lacks scorer for the next three seasons without giving up any future assets.

    The Bad: Doesn't push us into an elite team in the next year or two unless there is massive over-achievement. Amazing to see a Wild team with a much better offense than defense for once.

    The Ugly: Dany Heatley's worked his way out of three organizations. We'll leave it at that.