What I Read This Week (3/4)

Sums up the week well...

There was some good, some bad and a whole lot of ugly this week. We've touched on some of it while pushing back other posts (I swear that Trade Deadline part 3 will actually be written but for now consider it FRB's version of Chinese Democracy). There's trade deadline fallout, Gillies hatred and some other gems which may or may not have flown under the radar. As always, you can write a guest blog, follow Dan or me on Twitter and I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Minnesota Wild:
-To start things off on a high note, the Wild are freezing season ticket prices for next year. (Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal)

-Dustin Penner is thankfully not a member of the Wild, but a better explanation as to why Minnesota didn't have the pieces to acquire the former Oiler. When you have a first round pick and two prospects people want, it's hard to swing a deal for a known goalscorer; even if they are Dustin Penner. (Edmonton Journal)

-We're number two! Oh wait... (Pro Hockey Talk)

-Minnesota Wild finally see the real Martin Havlat. You know, the one who doesn't get injured. (Pioneer Press)

-Trevor Gillies has no place in the NHL. There's a half-dozen of these, but the titles speaks for themselves. (Washington Post/Hockey Wilderness)

-Yeah we're all crazy. Wild rebounds nicely, fans not so much. (Hitting The Post)

Prospects and the Farm:
-DU freshman nears scoring WCHA title. We're witnessing something special with Jason Zucker; also note that he was named the WCHA February Rookie of the Month. (Denver Post)

-Speaking of awards, it's good to see Patrick O'Sullivan playing well and winning the AHL player of the month honor. (Houston Chronicle)

-Although I was disappointed with his play against Minnesota on Monday, apparently the Leddy-Keith pairing pays dividends for the Blackhawks. (Daily Herald)

-Our ECHL team is, in the words of Charlie Sheen, "winning." (Puck Daddy)

-And our AHL team is actually winning. And winning big despite half the Aeros presently playing in St. Paul. (The Third Intermission)

-Thanks to NHLDraftVideo for this one:

General Hockey:
-If you're a nerd like me and ever wondered how a NHL trade call went down, you're in luck. (Puck Daddy)

-Sad story about the late Bob Probert and the dangers of head trauma. (NY Times)

-This one just happened - the verdict for Trevor Gillies is 10 games. (Pro Hockey Talk)

-The Caps in February: an enigma. (My Friend Corey)

College and HS Hockey
-Gophers Hockey: Defining The Season. I'm insanely biased as the author but it's the best-written article in the history of articles. (SB Nation Minnesota)

-A combo of talking about the Minnesota High School hockey tournament (more on that throughout the week) and looking at collegiate prospects. If you haven't read United States of Hockey, I really recommend it.

-Pairwise Rankings (it's that time of year - can't wait for the Predictor)

-Let's Play Hockey Rankings

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