Restocking The Cupboard: Chay Genoway

Chay Genoway
Defense, North Dakota Fighting Sioux (NCAA)
5'9", 177 lbs.

I think this says it all about Chay Genoway. To boil it down, Genoway is one of the best players (and as a person) to ever play in the WCHA, let alone North Dakota. All of these qualities displayed by Genoway certainly make him a hot commodity when North Dakota's season ends; maybe the second most coveted NCAA free agent after Merrimack's Stephane Da Costa.

Redline Report Scout Max Giese had this take on Genoway in an interview with FRB a few months ago:

"Even at his diminutive frame, I think Chay Genoway has a chance at being an NHL defenseman because he's so dynamically fast and skilled, and his competitiveness both on the ice and off the ice working on his game is off the charts."

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