I Want Your Salvation

I'm not gonna lie and say that I'm as invested as ever in The Wild and their push for the playoffs as I have ever been; because, well, that would be lying.

What I can tell you is that I think there is a significant portion of folks, both fans and media, who have left the team for dead after the first period of the game in Nashville, and if they didn't, then they surely hit the bricks after Vancouver. I know this has been said, but four points and two teams to jump over seems like a monumental task for a team struggling to manufacture offense, our best defenseman is a mess, and a Six Million Dollar Goalie who has become a manifestation of Dan Cloutier. That's a tough combination to overcome if you want to extend your season by at least four games.
However, based off what I've read, Mikko Koivu provided some jump to the team, and suddenly Andrew Brunette and Antti Miettinen are functional again.
And, to top that off, the teams ahead of us are sagging, which, in theory, means that we're still in it mathematically speaking. I guess?

Minnesota needs to decide what the hell they are going to do with these final 12 games; make it interesting, or roll over. Winter has broken, the sun is emitting warm cancerous rays, and my attention span is fleeting for a team that resides on the tipping point of April tee times or April playoff games; because, well, at this point I'm envisioning April tee times.

So, this is my challenge to you Minnesota Wild. Go out and beat San Jose tomorrow. Get points. Make me want to continue to give a shit for these final dozen games. Make me less grudgingly write a check for next year's season tickets.

Because being let down on the last day of the season is better than not giving a shit with 12 to go.

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  1. What you would mean by manifestation of Dan Cloutier? Top 3 statistically ranked goalie in a very medicore team not good enough to you?