What I Read This Week (2/14)

Watched Fight Club last night. After this past week of hockey, who hasn't been...

The beginning of a new week. And some other holiday. Apologies for the recent lack of posts, but hopefully the Wild's winning ways have kept your hopes up. As always, you can write a guest blog, follow First Round Bust on Twitter and I hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy!

Minnesota Wild:

-I have to be honest. Don't really see this outdoor practice going down given the weather this week. It's going the way of my skates, stick and a half-dozen bruises. Until next year outdoor pickup hockey. RIP. (USA Today)

-Ms. Conduct's first trip to the X. Oh and the Aeros played there yesterday. (The Third Intermission)

-Andrew Brunette gets given a silver stick for appearing in 1000 games. Oh and some other nonsense about the playoffs. (Pioneer Press)

-...we are, yeah I said it we are. In all honesty, this is one of the more amusing blog posts about the Wild I've read for a multitude of reasons. (CBS)


-Jason Zucker is the fourth-best western college hockey prospect (Western College Hockey)

-And in case that didn't get your hopes up on Zucker or you are new to the blog, he's also a hit. (Pioneer Press)

-Two Wild prospects. One hot, one not. Guess who is who. (Star Tribune)

-Dan touched on it yesterday, but RIP Tyler Cuma's left knee. (Star Tribune)

-Mikael Granlund scoring two goals in the Finnish Winter Classic.

General Hockey:

-Future Winter Classic jersey. Or so I'd like to think. (Third String Goalie)

-Hockey in Minnesota by Darby Hendrickson. (Pioneer Press)

-Pens-Isles Fight Night: A Pens fan's take. (Hitting The Post)

-Pens-Isles Fight Night Counterpoint: Mario Lemieux blasts league. (Hockey Wilderness)

-Matt Cooke counter-counter-point (or) he's an asshole. (Gone Puck Wild)

-My buddy John (one of the best hockey and fantasy minds I know) gives his Ten Thoughts on the NHL. (Hockey Now)

-And something which happened while compiling this list, Peter Forsberg retires for the fourth or fifth time. (Pro Hockey Talk)

College and HS:

-Mariucci is the most somber college arena? Somewhere the AIC fan feels robbed. (WSJ)

-Not sure which is more surprising. Minnesota thumping Denver 7-3 on Hockey Day Minnesota or the fact that it's on a San Antonio website. (mysanantonio.com)

-Novacaine for the Soul. Can't say no to an Eels reference. (Runnin' With The Dogs)

-Today's the finals of a tournament which only matters if you are inside Route 128. Or are ESPN.

-INCH Power Rankings

-Let's Play Hockey HS Rankings

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