If These Moves Happen (Part II)

With two days until the Trade Deadline there have been a flurry of rumors. Some of these are credible, but most are of the not-so-credible variety. Some rumors are just made up by fans who hope to see their favorite player return home; others are made by people who like profit off of curious minds. While I don't expect the Wild to be major players, here's the second of a series tackling what it means for the short and long-term if GM Chuck Fletcher trades these pieces. Part I covered Wild players and Part III covers the ever-popular Minnesotan question.

After looking at the players on Thursday, we now look at prospects and draft picks. Again, I don't see GM Chuck Fletcher making a big move or two, but if it happens...

Mikael Granlund - As the top prospect in a weak Wild pool, he is at the top of every team's wish list when dealing with Fletcher. Minnesota has a lot invested in his success in the NHL and should bring him to North America next season. That's not to say - especially since it happened last season with Nick Leddy - but the lack of elite forward depth in the Minnesota system makes Granlund more valuable than one of three top defensemen. If it happens, then Chuck Fletcher acquired (or believes he did) someone who can replace Granlund's projected value. And then some.

Jason Zucker - Zucker is having an offensive explosion at the University of Denver this season. However like Granlund (and any other 2010 draftees), I don't see the Wild giving up on any of them so soon due to the lack of depth in the prospect pool.

Marco Scandella - The top defensive prospect after Tyler Cuma's injury and Nick Leddy's trade to Chicago, Scandella has been promising during his stint with the Wild although his current concussion makes it hard to trade him. If Scandella is traded, it means the Wild are confident in one of the other defensemen (Spurgeon, Prosser, Stoner) taking a top-four role and possibly re-signing Brent Burns.

Colton Gillies - Gillies is the latest in a series of Doug Risebrough first round busts and has spent most of the last two seasons with the Houston Aeros. Gillies has some value despite not fulfilling his potential, but if he is traded it means the Wild have given up on him making an impact with the big club.

Matthew Hackett/Darcy Kuemper - I'm putting both together because they are fighting for the same job and have both been developing well. Unfortunately, the goaltender market is not too valuable and most teams have their goalie of the future. If one is traded, expect the other to be put in a situation where they will fight for the #2 job.

1st in 2011 - If this is traded, there will be a lot of sad people in St. Paul this June. In all seriousness, the theme of this blog has been a lack of depth in the Minnesota prospect pool and there's no better way to get . If it's traded, it will have been for a core piece.

2nd in 2011 - Is already held by Boston. They've traded around prospects (Joe Colborne) and young players (Blake Wheeler) this, but despite that I see the Bruins hanging onto it. And if they don't, it's unlikely Minnesota will get it back.

2nd in 2012/3rd in 2011 - If this is traded, we're looking at a rental in the spirit of Dominic Moore; a player who can replace the loss of Mikko Koivu and still fit in when he comes back. It also signifies that the Wild are serious about making the playoffs.

Mid-round pick - Chuck Fletcher has found someone who he feels can make an impact for cheap or is making a depth move like Brad Staubitz last season.


  1. Stop trying to trade Kuemper away or I will cut you.

  2. They will never make the play offs