Dobby Scares The $#*! Out Of Me

Not this guy, although on second thought...

It's hard to be upset after a 4-0 shutout win over the top team in the Western Conference. The Wild played what might have been their best game of the season. Minnesota was aggressive, they didn't let Vancouver settle into a rhythm and were able to take advantage of the opportunities which passed them by in the previous three games (Antii Miettinen not included). The Wild even scored a shorthanded goal which for them seems as rare as a unicorn. So with all of that, the one thing that is left in my head after the game is that Anton Khudobin's play between the pipes scares the crap out of me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with Khudobin's performance. It's not every day a goalie shuts out the Canucks and Puck Daddy named him the #2 star yesterday. However, his style and play seem like they aren't a consistent fit for the NHL. While most goalies attempt to cut down the angle of the shot, Dobby flops and spins around to stop shots. Throw in the fact that half the time it seems like his reflexes are a step behind NHL players and it's hard to see being consistently good; especially once teams get the opportunity to play against Khudobin a second and third time. Even last night there were a couple golden opportunities for Vancouver to score and were saved by defensemen (Brent Burns threw a puck heading into the net). The team sort of collapsed on top of Dobby at times which reminded me of being similar to the Philadelphia game last season. It does works sometimes but is not a recipe for long-term success.

In the end, Dobby is a fun guy who is best served as being an AHL goalie. Khudobin is capable of shutting down the best team in the NHL or giving up a goal from center ice and that inconsistency makes it hard to rely on. That's not to say he hasn't accomplished anything but I'm very thankful GM Chuck Fletcher signed Jose Theodore before the season started to be the primary backup. It's scary to watch Dobby play twice a year and I don't if my heart could take twenty-thirty games of it. And with Theodore looking like he'll be ready soon, I thankfully won't.


  1. Like I said, I'm hoping his flopping around is just nervousness.

  2. Loved this. Honestly, I didn't see the game but it sounded more chaotic than Anton usually is (though he is always a very "active" goalie).

    He's been under-reacting to a pucks more and more often this season, so maybe his insanity yesterday was sort of an attempt to kick-start himself. I dunno.

    Kid just loves to win and he somehow finds a way (between lousy starts, unfortunately). I'm glad for Theodore, too.

  3. That sums it up pretty well. The same thing happened tonight although thankfully for the Wild Edmonton couldn't convert on an opportunity to save their life. Khudobin can play goalie in the NHL but his style of play and the faster speed in the NHL makes him unpredictable.

    It was nice for him to go back to Houston with another win though!