Getting To Know Your Opposition: New York Rangers

As a public service, we here at First Round Bust would like to spotlight some of the other twenty-nine NHL clubs from time to time. Or mostly when they play the Wild. Today we look at the New York Rangers through the eyes of their own fanbase. Most of these comments are taken from HF Boards while others are real facts. You decide which is which.

-Largest city in the United States and almost twice the population of Minnesota.

-Hope to score a PP goal.

-Play in the fourth version of Madison Square Garden. This one's neither a square nor on Madison. There might be a Garden somewhere, I'll have to check and get back.

-Employ the Easy Button. Then again, they probably should have employed it last night.

-July 1 winners since before time began.

-Optimistically predict Burns have a five-point night.

-Were the first NHL franchise in the US to win a Stanley Cup.

-Are able to score negative points.

-Believe Potvin still sucks.

-Pull the hometown shit too. Then again, Derek Stepan is from Hastings...

-Have International Falls native and former Gopher Pat Joe Micheletti on the mike.

-Amazed at the Wild having Marian Gaborik bobblehead night. To be fair, so am I but that's a page of talking.

-Are thankful for 1994 and the Edmonton Oilers as without it, we would live in a world where the Vancouver Canucks won a Stanley Cup.

-Are winning tonight.

-Derek Boogaard scored a goal. Seriously, that's still amazing.

-Home of Shaolin and Wu Tang Clan. Also, Wu Tang ain't nothing to fuck with.


  1. JOE Micheletti, not Pat. :P Here's to a good game tonight.

  2. That's what I get for not double-checking things. Now to talk about Aaron Broten....