Getting to know your opposition: Atlanta by the numbers

As a public service, we here at First Round Bust would like to spotlight some of the other twenty-nine NHL clubs from time to time. Or mostly when they play the Wild. Tonight's opponent, the Atlanta Thrashers, comes from the land of Dixie, Crunk and MARTA. However, here's a look at the Thrashers through the language everyone understands, numbers.

1: Playoff appearances for the Thrashers.

1: Times the city has been burned to the ground.

0: Playoff victories for the Thrashers.

2: Number of capital cities represented in tonight's game.

2: Number of pro games in the Atlanta area tonight.

1: Number of pro games which people will pay attention to.

9: Atlanta's rank in terms of media market.

9: Number of times I've been to Atlanta.

0: Number of times I've stepped foot outside the airport.

1847: Year Atlanta was incorporated.

1865: Year Atlanta was re-incorporated into the Union.

2010: Year Turneranada was incorporated.

6: Top-five draft picks for the Thrashers.

5: Thrashers coaches.

4: Thrashers success stories.

2: Number of NHL teams in Atlanta.

2: Number of NHL teams in Minnesota.

0: Number of NHL teams that are cared about in Atlanta.

1: Minnesotans in the Thrashers' lineup (Dustin Byfuglien)

5: Americans in the Thrashers' lineup.

4: Former Blackhawks in the Thrashers' lineup.

0: Captains in the Thrashers' lineup.

1: Number of teams in the NHL without a captain.

3: Times this has been the case in eleven years.

1: Official nickname for Phillips Arena and fans (Blueland)

18: Number of ladies in the Blue Crew.

49: Number of fans in Blueland. Hey they said it, not me.

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